Hassman Research Institute

Hassman Research Institute

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Research Unit 1

Outpatient CNS and Addiction

5 Exam Rooms

5 Rater Rooms

Administrative Offices

Research Unit 2

Secured Inpatient and Local Lab

22 Beds Semi-Private

2 Rating Rooms

Nurse's Station

Common Area with Computers

Game Room

Secured Outdoor Area

Research Unit 3

6 Exam Rooms

X-ray, Dexa Scan and Ultrasound


All locations have CLIA Waiver Lab, Pharmacy, Coordinator, Regulatory Offices and Monitor Rooms

Our Story is a Family story

Hassman Research Institute has roots that dig three generations deep and extend over four decades.  Founded with the vision of "Improving the Quality of Life" for the patients we serve, our privately owned medical complex is located just twenty minutes from Philadelphia in Berlin, NJ.  HRI plays an active role in the community providing care options to those interested in clinical trials. A highly experienced team of Board Certified Investigators, Clinical Research Coordinators, and Quality Assurance and Regulatory Affairs Specialists empower HRI to meet critical project timelines while maintaining the highest standard of quality for pharmaceutical sponsors.  Two teams that are paramount to HRI's success are our Patient Retention Team and Patient Outreach Team which provide support and education to enrolled patients and to our community.

"Our family is a circle of strength and love.  With every birth, union and NOW business venture our family grows!"  Dr. Joe

HRI Patient Population

Hassman Research Institute Campus

Hassman Research Institute


HRI's affiliate Advocare Berlin has 4 locations in South Jersey with a patient population of 65,000  and growing!