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Community Outreach

HRI's Board Certified Principal Investigators have an extensive background in psychodynamic psychotherapy, human abuse liability and pain management, and have conducted numerous general medicine trials.


Clinical Trials are critical to the advancement of medical knowledge  and for the  development of better treatment options. More information on the Phase 1-3 trials is available below.


Outpatient Unit

  • 6 Exam Rooms
  • On-site Equipment: Refrigerated and Ambient Centrifuge, PK/PD Processing, -70 & -20 Freezers with Onsite Dry Ice
  • Pharmacy with Unblinded and Blinded Storage Area
  • 6 CRA Monitoring Rooms
  • Onsite Crash Cart, AED, Staff is ACLS/BLS Certified and Local Hospital is <1 mile
  • Back Up Generator

HRI's Rater Team consists of: Board Certified Psychiatrist, Psychologist, MD, Master's Prepared Psychiatric Nurse, Physician Assistants, RN, Bachelor's Prepared CRC and LPNs.

Current Trials